eat vegan : with gigi

vegan/801010 ∙ this lifestyle makes me a better person ∙ instagram: @gigieatsvegan

greens + sweets = opposites do attract 💘 // I was craving a sweet (but nutritious) breakfast this morning. I finally caved in and bought organic coconut sugar so I decided to incorporate it and mannnn is it good 👌 smoothie bowl ingredients: 3 bananas, 1 cup frozen mango, handfuls of spinach, water and bananas, dates, coconut sugar, and shredded coconut on top. enjoy!

carbin’ it up for lunch // mixed greens, brown rice, cherry tomatoes, red onions, broccoli stems, and carrots

green smoothies/juices are STILL my favorite way to start my days after all this time. never get sick of em // this one is: banana, mango, spinach, and water

in love with tomatoes this summer // and always looking forward to my weekly farmer’s markets visits all around the DC area #eatlocal

early dinner last night filled with leftovers and it was too good // tons of mixed greens, brown rice, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and hummus

grateful for veggie + tofu sushi 🙏 #rawtill4

YUM, these hit the spot👌who else likes acai bowls as much as I do?? (at South Block)

sautéed kale, eggplant, and onions + corn, cucumber, and tomato salad + carrot juice 👌

I need more bowls like this of nana ice cream in my life // frozen bananas, dates, vanilla, & cinnamon

Are you doing raw till 4? What do you usually had for dinner?

A question by Anonymous

I identify most with raw till 4 lately, so yes. Some days I eat all raw, sometimes I have a cooked dinner. But my breakfast & lunches are always fully raw. My dinners usually look like: brown rice with cooked veggies (stir fry), baked potatoes and veggies atop a huge salad, veggie sushi, rice pasta with veggies, zucchini noodles and veggies with a bunch of mixed greens, veggie bibimpap, etc etc. My meals are super simple and I love keeping it that way.